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The 1st “Logistics & Transports Thessaloniki Expo” will be held in the “heart” of the city, at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre (TIF), on 11-13 April, attracting every professional from Greece and the Balkan countries.

The 3 main areas of the exhibits:

Transport services, logistics & freight forwarding

  • International and National Transports
  • Logistics, 3PL & Warehouse Services
  • Transport & Distribution Services (last mile)
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Maritime trasport
  • Air Transport
  • Courier companies
  • Logistics Consultants
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Warehouse equipment, automation, commodities packaging & technologies

  • Forklifts
  • Shelves and Warehouse Management Systems
  • Automation and Robotic Systems
  • Information Systems (ERP, WMS, AI)
  • Barcoding, Rfid, Ex-Van, Voice systems Picking
  • Warehouse and Industrial Construction Buildings
  • Commodity Packaging Machinery and Materials
  • Pallets, Cartons etc
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Professional Vehicles & transport technologies

  • Commercial Vehicle Dealerships Transport and Distribution
  • Electric and Hybrid Professional Vehicles
  • Electrification Infrastructure, Chargers and Accumulators
  • Leasing & Rental of Vehicles and Machinery
  • Freight Transport Vehicles
  • Telematics, Transport Technologies & Fleet Management Systems
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Benefits of participating in the exhibition

The LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO provides a unique opportunity for companies offering transportation and logistics services and technologies to connect with thousands of businesses from Greece and abroad. The new era that Greece, and especially Thessaloniki, has entered with the new prospects created by infrastructure development, increased trade and exports, the strategic position of our country in Southeastern Europe, and the growing interest of investors, creates opportunities for all businesses in the industry.
By participating in the exhibition:

  • You partake in the events of our country
  • You affirm your presence at a leading event in Northern Greece,
  • Engage in meetings with entrepreneurs and investors from Greece, the Balkans, and Europe in general
  • Strengthen your corporate presence

11-13 April 2024 | HELEXPO

Download the brochure of the exhibition.

Advertising promotion

Through dynamic advertising promotion in Greece and abroad, the LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTS THESSALONIKI EXPO exhibition will convey a powerful communication message through a blend of advertising.

  • DIGITAL ADVERTISING – Websites, newsletters, social media, Google Ads & mass SMS, in Greece and abroad
  • PRINTED ADVERTISEMENT – In international magazines of 8 countries
  • VISITORS’ INVITATIONS – Printed and online Invitations in Greece and abroad
  • TELEVISION – Advertising spots on nationwide channels
  • RADIO – Advertising spots on high rating stations all over the country

TIF-HELEXPO Exhibition Centre

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1st Exhibition "Logistics & Transports Thessaloniki Expo"